Born in the badlands of Texas, Galen Ihlenfeldt spent his childhood fighting off outlaws and on the run from a shadowy cabal intent on recruiting him for world domination. During his time in exile, he taught himself art by watching for patterns in the flight of birds and the packs of coyotes that roamed the land. Using these skills, he was able to successfully evade capture, and has now turned his skills to use for the good of the world...


HA! Just kidding! I've just been doing artwork my entire life!


I've done artwork in many mediums, ranging from airbrushing, tombstone etching, professional tattooing, drawing, oil painting, digital illustration, animation... pretty much, in terms of art, you name it and I've probably done it.


I've won various awards for many of my works, and was named by Huffington Post UK as one of the top 12 emerging digital artists on the internet!


I am available for commission work.  See the Contact page to get in touch.

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